Medical Equipment Testing

Improve Overall Performance with Medical Equipment Testing

Minimise risks of equipment failure and unforeseen costs with consistent medical equipment testing. Ascent’s testing and audit program ensures all your medical facility’s equipment comply with the required standards so that they stay in good working order and are available when needed.

Ensure Patient Safety

One in four equipment errors is due to poor maintenance. Regular medical equipment testing prevents your facility from being included in this number. Detect issues before they affect patients’ health.


Provide the highest level of care to patients with regular testing. When equipment is in good working condition, it improves outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers.


Save on Equipment Repair and Replacement Costs

A recent survey showed that medical facilities spend 10% – 20% more than necessary on equipment. Medical equipment testing reduces that number for your facility.


Identify issues with medical equipment before they become irreparable. Reduce capital requirements for new equipment by regular testing and repair to extend asset lifespans


Medical equipment testing ensures patients’ safety and minimises unplanned downtime.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.