IoT Mobile App

Simplify Asset Management with Ascent’s IoT Mobile App

Establish a simple facility-wide asset management process with an Internet of Things (IoT) mobile app. Track and record each step in one convenient dashboard.

Maximise Workforce Efficiency

Without a streamlined medical equipment tracking process, asset management takes up significant time and effort. An organisation’s staff would need to manually log the location of each piece of equipment and waste valuable time finding it when it is lost.


An IoT mobile app tracks where equipment is at all times throughout the facility. It sends alerts when equipment requires maintenance, reducing unavailability, improves patient care and reduces repair costs.


Ascent’s IoT mobile app eliminates the need for manual tracking and streamlines the asset management process. Staff can focus on more important tasks whilst the system takes care of the detailed tracking.


Reduce Equipment Costs and Loss of Profit

A recent study showed that hospitals purchase 10% – 20% more equipment than necessary. This is due to the loss of equipment or the need to replace malfunctioning equipment.


An IoT mobile app prevents equipment loss throughout a medical facility. Receive real-time updates regarding an equipment’s status, eliminating the possibility of misplacing it.


Track which pieces of equipment need to be repaired. Ensure they are all in working condition and available, so your facility can optimise the utility of equipment to provide greater patient care.


Transform medical equipment tracking with Ascent’s IoT mobile app.

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