Cloud Asset Tracking Platform

Simplify Equipment Management with Ascent’s Cloud Asset Tracking Platform

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology is the new cost-effective asset management solution for the healthcare industry. Ascent’s Cloud Asset Tracking Platform allows for easy and hassle-free equipment tracking.

Streamlined Hospital Asset Tracking Workflow

Managing equipment and devices can be an administration nightmare. You need to ensure all devices are updated with the latest firmware, provide and revoke access to users, monitor battery life, and more.


Manage all these tasks and a host of others with the Cloud Asset Tracking Platform.


It allows you to manage all your equipment and devices through a simple dashboard. You can create alerts regarding necessary updates and battery statuses. These alerts can be received through email and SMS.


Users can leave comments for their colleagues, ensuring all tasks are handed over without any miscommunication. This makes managing equipment and devices streamlined and efficient, both offline and online.


Improved Accessibility Through Web and Mobile Apps

Administrators can access the Cloud Asset Tracking Platform from any location. They can use web and mobile applications or integrate it with their existing solutions.


This makes managing valuable hospital equipment and devices easier. Administrators can log into their dashboard from their device of choice and:

  • receive real-time updates about the status of their equipment
  • track asset movement throughout the facility
  • change device settings
  • track a device’s status


These functions ensure healthcare professionals get the equipment they need when they need it. As a result, patients are provided with the highest level of medical care possible.


Simplify the management of your equipment and devices with Ascent’s Cloud Asset Tracking Platform. 

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