BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology

Asset Management with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology is revolutionising the field of hospital equipment tracking. It is the most cost-effective wireless connectivity option for medical facilities to monitor their assets.

Minimise Unnecessary Spending on Equipment

A recent study disclosed that hospitals purchase 10-20% more equipment than needed. This can result in millions of dollars of capital being tied up in unnecessary equipment.



BLE Technology could save hospitals a sizeable amount of resources.

It provides hospitals with the ability to know where their equipment is at all times. They get specific real-time updates regarding the location of the equipment throughout the entire facility.


Staff no longer have to manually look for equipment, because BLE ensures everything is accounted for. When a patient needs certain equipment, staff can check the system and locate it in seconds. Instead of tracking equipment, hospital staff can focus on providing patients with better care.


Better Data for Improved Efficiency

Armed with better information about its assets, hospitals can operate more efficiently.


Accurate records help hospitals ensure that each piece of equipment passes operational standards.


They also make allocating for maintenance budgets simpler through maintenance notifications. Hospitals will be aware of the equipment they have and can plan for repairs and other requirements in advance.


Choose the cost-effective yet efficient hospital equipment tracking solution.

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