Asset Management


Done right, tracking medical equipment could save millions in time and money. Staff no longer have to manually track equipment, allowing them to focus on providing better patient care. Facilities no longer have to allocate budget to replace lost or stolen equipment.


Ascent offers a variety of asset tracking solutions for superior asset management. Our solutions work together seamlessly, creating an efficient and convenient tracking system.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology

With BLE Technology, ensure each piece of equipment is accounted for at all times. It is the most cost-effective asset management option for medical facilities. Learn more about this new technology and revolutionise your facility.

Cloud Asset Tracking Platform

Manage all your assets through one convenient dashboard with Ascent’s Cloud Asset Tracking Platform. Receive real-time updates regarding the status of each device, and easily communicate with colleagues for seamless task changeovers.

IoT Mobile App

Ascent’s IoT Mobile App allows you to implement a more streamlined asset management process. Receive mobile alerts as the equipment is moved throughout a facility or when repairs are required. This minimises losses and extends the equipment’s life cycle.

Mobile Asset Tracking Applications

Managing mobile assets in a dynamic healthcare setting can be difficult. Staff move equipment throughout a facility numerous times. Improve efficiency and minimise equipment loss with Ascent’s Mobile Asset Tracking Applications.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.