Mobile Asset Tracking Applications

Manage Assets More Intelligently with Mobile Tracking Applications

Tracking portable equipment can be difficult in a dynamic healthcare setting. They are transferred throughout a facility by numerous staff members, easily getting lost in the shuffle. Ascent’s mobile asset tracking solutions ensures you have the right equipment when you need it.

Save on Equipment Costs

According to a recent survey, hospitals and other medical facilities purchase 10% – 20% more equipment than necessary. These unnecessary costs are incurred due to needing to replace lost or damaged equipment.


With mobile asset tracking applications, you get real-time location data on each piece of equipment, resulting in never losing valuable equipment and saving your staff valuable time in locating it. You also receive alerts when it requires maintenance so that it can stay productive and extend its useful life.


Improve Staff Efficiency

Manually tracking equipment sucks up valuable staff time in non-value adding activities. Manually logging each piece of equipment upon acquisition and recording every instance of when the equipment is moved creates administrative nightmares. This process is inefficient and leaves room for error.


Eliminate the need to manually log equipment movements with mobile asset tracking applications. Staff can focus on improving the patients’ quality of life instead of performing administrative tasks.


Provide better patient care and save on equipment costs with Ascent’s medical equipment tracking system.

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